EGIS Metal Stentlerin Ortak Özellikleri


EGIS Metal Stentler

EGIS Metal Stentlerin Ortak Özellikleri orjinal dilleri ile sayfa içinde belirtilmiştir.


Miniscule Cells preveting Tumor in-growth

THE MINISCULE CELL SIZE of the EGIS stents is efficient to prevent tumor in-growth into the stent which can incapacitate the function of a stent. And it improves the patency rate of stenosed organs.

THE 2mm OF CELL SIZE ITSELF is good enough to prevent those troubles above, but furthermore, the double layered structure of EGIS which is crossing of two stent, peak to valley - S&G patented, creates smaller cell size and makes the cells denser with numerous cell numbers. Also, as a result, the denser cells lower the possibility of getting jammed with sludgy. Another feature of EGIS is that even the double layered structure stents are also being loaded into 8Fr (Biliary) or lOFr (Pyloric & Colorectal).

EGIS Biliary Stent

  • Single Bare Cell size; 2mm
  • Double Bare Cell size; 1mm and Both-end 2mm
EGIS Pyloric & Colorectal stent
  • Single Bare Cell size; 2.5mm ~ 3.5mm
  • Double Bare Cell size; 1.25mm ~ 1.35mm and Both-end 2.5mm ~ 3.5mm


THE CQMFORMABILITY & FLEXiBILiTY of a stent can be one of the essential features in enhancing biocompatibility. But it is just one of the several advantages of the EGIS features. Bringing high Conformability & Flexibility, while bearing the appropriate Radial Force for the lesions, is one superior feature of the EGIS compared to any other stents.

Variable Choice - 4 Types

THE VARIABLE TYPES OF EGIS are supporting the doctors, decision making during stenting procedure. All EGIS except for the esophageal and airway stents are consisting of Single Bare (SB), Single Covered (SC), Double Bare (DB), and Double Covered (DC).


Polishing Process for Micro-Crack Removal

NITINOL is widely used in medical devices such as stents, filters, guide-wires, etc. Unavoidable defects of nitinol are MICRO-CRACKS which arise during the heating process. MICRO-CRACKS on surfaces affect durability and biocompatibility, and end up causing wire fracture. In order to resolve these problems, S&G Biotech Inc. has developed the new break-through-polishing-technology applying to all EGIS.


Micro-cracks found on the stent surface before the polishing process.

Micro-cracks left for extended period of time in the body can cause stent fracture.

Micro-cracks are completely removed after completing the polishing process.

Reduced Shortening

STENT SHORTENING is an avoidable phenomenon in weaving structures so some of the weaving stents in the market have more than 50% shortening rate. EGIS is designed to dramatically reduce this phenomenon.


Non-Biodegradable Silicone Membrane

SILICONE MEMBRANE of EGIS has a special advantage of being Non-Biodegradable. The preclinical data below shows that the tests conducted for 8 weeks indicate no decomposition unlike PU membrane so silicone membrane can prevent tumor in-growth in the long term.